What is ABA Therapy?

School counsellor, pupil and parent discussion

Orion ABA Inc, we value your child’s input and assent into their own programming and support highly individualized program development that stresses naturalistic teaching to encourage generalization of skills. We use assessments to develop individualized plans. We encourage children to gain skills and learn how to be more independent through play. We take data on their progress and review it frequently to determine next steps. We strive to approach families with flexibility and kindness.

How Can ABA Therapy Help?

Research shows that intensive ABA therapy is the most successful approach in early intervention for children with autism. At Orion ABA Inc, we will take a close look at your child’s environment and tailor individualized interventions according to their strengths and needs to allow your child to meet their goals quickly. ABA therapy can help increase your child’s self-help skills, communication and language skills, social skills, and play and leisure skills.